Discussion with HvA Interactive Media teachers / March 23, 2009

21-apr-09 door: IAM Open Courseware

IAM Open Courseware project team initiated and held a discussion with the teachers of the Interactive Media (IAM) course at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) on the 23rd of March, 2009. The aim of this discussion was to gain insights about the teachers' opinion on the IAM Open Courseware project and to have lunch together in an informal environment. During the discussion several topics such like intellectual property, copyrights, as well as the internal HvA structure, were raised. HvA teachers were asked to answer some questions about IAM Open Courseware, discuss about the benefits they would gain from joining the platform. We prepared some key questions and main points we wanted to emphasize in advance, as well as visual material was introduced and demonstrated for the participants during the meeting. Besides, we posted several discussion topics on oc2009.hva.nl, in order to receive both positive and negative comments, to invoke interest or resistance, and thus, to contribute to the feedback we get.

More detailed report about the discussion with teachers can be found here: